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Event Recap: Americans with Disabilities Act: Impact on Individuals and Businesses (September 2018)

A very special and important member of the Omaha community is QLI. Quality Living Inc. is a medical rehabilitation center specializing in traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke & other neurologic injury. For our September learning event, we went to QLI's campus to learn more about the great work they are performing, their positive culture they are famous for, and also to hear from some attorneys about the legal issues surrounding the ADA and important considerations to take into account as businesses accommodating people with disabilities.

The presentation by members of QLI was truly inspiring. Those presenting were Jon Pearson, Director of Creativity; Ed Armstrong, Adaptive Sports Specialist; Ana Hancock, Occupational Therapist; and Rachael Johnson, Spinal Cord Alum.

Presenting on the ADA were Fraser Stryker Attorneys Kate McNamara (Academy President) and Robb Futhey. (pictured below)

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