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Academy: Who We Are

We are young professionals from all backgrounds and industries who want to learn from each other, connect with each other, and collaborate for a better Omaha to live, work, and play.

The Academy of Young Professionals in Omaha was formed in late 2017, to bring together young professionals throughout Omaha in one group.

Organizationally speaking, the Academy is an independent young professionals group. The Academy is considered a "Company" within the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce's "Council of Companies" for young professionals. However, unlike all the other Companies, the Academy is not industry specific or business specific. Consider us the "catch-all" group that is open and welcoming to all young professionals; you have a home in the Academy!

It's Both Who You Know AND What You Know

The Academy is organized to balance (1) connecting our members with each other and the community and its leaders, and (2) fostering a learning and collaborative atmosphere that promotes the sharing of best practices and a better future for Omaha for its young professionals.

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